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Published on 01 Oct 2018 / In Entertainment


Origami is an ancient craft of folding paper. However, anyone can master it today, it's not so difficult yet very useful. Making origami paper figures helps to relax, concentrate, and develop fine motor skills. It's not only useful, but also fun! Some origami crafts can be usefud around the house, for example, you can decorate your home, make paper cups or boxes that can be used to store small things or wrapping gifts. Watch and enjoy!

If origami is new for you, it's better to start with something simple and cute. It's easy to make a sweet little envelope for a lovenote or a secret. Check out our tutorial and try yourself. You can also learn how to make amazing envelopes for party cards and fold cute paper pockets for storing dry products safely. You can serve snacks in such cups – it looks really unusual.

Paper is also good for making decorations. Use paper figures for decorating your room. You can make big 3D stars (or snowflakes) very easily – you'll just need a little bit of patience. And the tutorial is waiting for you in the middle of the video. Learn how to make sweet and tiny origami butterflies. You can deorate whatever you want with these butterflies – make a garland, decorate a box or a photo frame. You can also make awesome colored paper chains.

You can also make colorful umbrellas, amazing postcards, exciting toys! Possibilities of such an ordinary material as paper are endless. By the way, it can also be used for educational purposes - watch this video till the end to learn how to make math fun!


00:46 – Paper Sponge Bob
02:46 – Heart envelope
07:58 – Cute box
11:20 – Decorative fan


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