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Easy life hacks for your phone

It is impossible to imagine modern life without different gadgets are especially smartphones. Here are awesome life hacks and crafts for your phone, computer and tablet!

1. How to prevent your charging cable from breaking?
Don't run to the store to buy a new charging cable when you see that yours is creasing - we know how to fix it almost for free. Take some leftover yarn and start knitting a braid around the cable. Secure its ends using some glue. Yarn cover will help your charging cable live longer and save you some cash :)

2. DIY stylus pen
Here is the cheapest stylus pen you can easily DIY at home - no need to spend another $100! Take a simple pencil and wrap a piece of aluminum foil around its tip. That's it! You may use it for daily phone navigation or to create drawings on your tablet. It is easy-to-make^ handy and very cheap :)

3. DIY phone cases
Why to spend hundreds on a new phone case? DIY it! Use ordinary items everyone has at home: nail polish, colored paper, stickers, old ties, rhinestones and some glue. You may even make one from a balloon (check out this ridiculous craft here - 04:04).

01:35 How your Wi-Fi signal spreads around your home
02:21 DIY phone projector
03:10 Charge your phone from a battery
04:43 DIY phone speakers
07:41 Recycle an old tie into a new phone case

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