Alhambra Vacation Travel Video Guide

Published on 07 Aug 2018 / In Travel & Events

Travel video about destination Alhambra in Spain.
In southern Spain, majestically, yet mysteriously, the legendary Alhambra proudly rises above Granada’s atmospheric old town.After Córdoba, former centre of power of the caliphs, had fallen into the hands of the Christians in 1238, Granada became the country’s new capital city. Mohammed The First ordered the construction of the Alhambra’s massive walls and twenty-four watch towers above the remains of a comparatively modest fortress. King Charles The Fifth deliberately built his palace at this location as it had once been the last bastion of Muslim power in Spain. It thus symbolised the triumph of the Christian world. In addition to the external splendour of the Christian palace the full beauty of its Moorish architecture is only fully revealed by exploring its glorious interior. Thus the despair of the last Nasrides ruler strikes a poignant chord today for, according to legend, when he was forced to abandon his palace to the Christian armies without a fight, his eyed filled with tears as he glanced back at his beloved Alhambra.

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