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Epic Baking Disaster

Published on 01 Oct 2018 / In Entertainment

We challenged Henry Phillips to whip up a batch of Almond Tuiles just as perfect as the ones we made with The Perfect Bake.

Henry's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/henlips/
Henry's website: http://henryphillips.com/


Buy The Perfect Bake here: https://www.vat19.com/item/the....-perfect-bake-brooks

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Even if you're not a naturally skilled baker, you can create five-star desserts with The Perfect Bake.

A real-time digital scale joins forces with an ingenious (and free) mobile app to walk you through making perfectly prepared baked goods with minimal mess.

As you pour ingredients directly into a bowl, the on-screen smart scale adjusts in real time. And by measuring in weight instead of volume, The Perfect Bake guarantees ideal proportions to ensure the best-tasting treats.

Effortlessly make desserts from an ever-expanding database featuring hundreds of recipes or add your own creations to the app.

Includes three color-coded mixing bowls, a smart scale, a phone/tablet stand, and an oven thermometer. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.


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