Nissan TITAN XD Interior Features: Air Conditioning, Heated Seats and In-Cabin Microfilter

Published on 07 Jul 2018 / In Cars & Vehicles

Huge space, innovative design and premium quality make the new 2016 TITAN perfect for short trips and long hauls.
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Titan shows everything we’ve learned about making a truck that works hard for you. We moved the shift lever up to the column, giving you huge amounts of space, including a redesigned center console that gives you lockable laptop storage. We even moved the glove box lever over for an easier reach. The rear seat is big and smart with plenty of room for three. Flip the back down, you've got a work desk. Flip the bottom up, room for tall items. There's secure locking underseat storage. And a lid that folds out to create a flat loading floor, great for oversize items. Whatever you need to bring, smart thinking makes every day easier. Nissan. Innovation That Excites.

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